Tonight I’m cleaning out my closet

I’ve been a bit scared to do this. I’m pretty certain I will continue to lose weight but after yo-yo dieting my whole adult life, taking the step to cull clothes was huge. It wasn’t just a physical process but very much a mental one.

What if I failed? What if I gained weight? What will I wear? New clothes are expensive, but keeping a wardrobe full of clothes I most likely will never wear again was becoming an anchor. I needed to cut the anchor to stay afloat.

Mum came over and we sorted my clothes into several piles.

  • Throw out
  • Give away
  • Sell as a bundle
  • Sell individually

Glad Mum was there. I was resistant to getting rid of some things and I think in winter I will get rid of more. I still go to the larger sizes when shopping for clothes and am continually astonished when I need to go down a couple of sizes. I also dressed in a lot of monochrome colours so I’m making a real effort to be vivid and vibrant.

In the below photo the left side is before and the right is after. I’m glad I did it. Not sure what I’ll wear. I have more activewear than normal clothes.

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