Eating is a mystery

I think I’ve not been eating enough. For a two week period leading up to Christmas I yo yo’d between 29kg and nearly 30 kg weight loss. I was working hard and I was regimented with my diet but I think I was too regimented. I’m no expert and I am learning as I go but you hear that if you eat too little your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. Now I can’t say conclusively this was happening.

This week I’ve had some fruit everyday. I’ve had some Carmen’s crackers and some nuts. I dropped two kilos pretty quickly. My meals and portions were exactly the same. I just added a little bit more. Still good wholesome food but additional to my previous food intake.

I’ve also added a protein water drink every morning as I struggle to eat enough protein. Looking forward to receiving my first order of watermelon protein water. I drink this before I swim and then eat breakfast after.

Dinner last night was sweet potato, pumpkin and potato cooked in the air fryer with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. A bit of a carb overload but it’s not something I eat everyday.

One thought on “Eating is a mystery

  1. Don’t get too focused on the scales measure your self remember 1 litre of water is a kg and if u get trouble wif poo it will weigh u down eat lots of little meals to increase metabolism

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