Dancing counts

I had an unplanned and mightily epic NYE. My intention was to watch the 9pm fireworks and then go to bed. What’s that saying – the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

My plans didn’t just go awry, they were recorded on the Richter scale. Waz and I watched the ABC coverage of NYE which we do every year. It’s normally amusingly craptastic. This year though, they kicked goals and laid a golden egg. It was fantastic. The Countdown concert saw us drinking like we were teenagers. The fireworks were fabo. Then we fought over the tv watching YouTube clips of our youth. My music taste is heaps cooler than my husband’s. Just saying!

Next thing, the bloody sun was rising and my 5am alarm went off. What a waste I was already awake.

I danced so much that I almost hit my activity goal before I even went to bed. Now I love me some ska and I highly recommend you don’t try and get down and rude boy when you’re wearing no bra. Although I had my husband’s attention.

So I have suffered today. And rightly so. I had a lot of fun reaching the level of suffering I endured. And I’m glad because it made me realise sometimes you can let your hair down to really enjoy a well rounded life. I cannot recall staying up all night ever. I’m sure I have but we’re talking decades.

Not profile pic worthy but you know gotta keep it real.

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