Making deals with yourself

Friday was the first day I got in the pool and just swam 50 laps. I realised there was none of the usual headspeak I normally have going on.

A normal swim used to be like this:

Why are the first six laps the hardest.

At lap ten I say I’ve done a fifth of my swim

For awhile I’d say the same thing at lap 12 even though I don’t yet do 60 laps (I know right 🤪)

At 15 laps I always think 35 to go

At 25 laps it’s yay I’m at the half way mark

At 30 laps I think when I used to swim 40 laps I’d only have 10 left but now it’s 20

At 40 laps I think only ten to go I got this.

I’m not sure if this self talk is good for me or not. But Friday it was gone. I just got in the pool and swam. My mind was at peace. I felt like this was now routine for me. Not routine as in boring but as in acceptance of my new lifestyle.

I’m so lucky to be able to do this with so much support and encouragement. It really helps so much. My daughter is now starting to talk about joining me and also has embraced the change in our diet. I really hope this will be a lifelong love of activity and nutrition for her.

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