Choices you make in life

This is nothing new. Every parent chooses to put the needs of their kids first. You budget and save to feed, clothe, and educate your kids. This means you go without. It’s not a difficult choice. I’ll wear the same tired old clothes year in year out because my kids have the temerity to grow.

These past few months I’ve spent more money on myself than I have since I was single. OMG those were the days.

I’ve spent more on food, going to the physio, going to the podiatrist, taking supplements for gut health, buying shoes, socks, swim gear, entrance to pool, upgrading to gym membership, Pilates classes and on and on.

I have a handful of clothes either from my Mum or passed on from a lovely generous friend. Soon I will need to get more clothes.

This is a weird feeling, this spending money on myself. I don’t feel as guilty as I thought I would. The pay off is immeasurable. I’m dropping weight. I’m getting fit. I feel fantastic. There’s such a ripple effect. Like dropping a pebble in a pond. The ripples start off small getting bigger in ever increasing circles.

I’m the pebble. My husband and kids are the next small wave. They are happier because I’m happy. My extended family are the next slightly bigger wave. Watching on as my biggest cheer squad. Then friends who read this blog and give me encouragement and some who have also begun their own journey. Hopefully dropping a pebble in their own pond.

Every cent I have spent has been an investment in my health and my families happiness. It’s worth it. It is hard but it’s worth it.

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