Back to swimming

Yesterday there was no way I could walk. My heel and arch felt like I was walking on a big rock. Very inflamed. Bugger! So I swam. 50 laps. It’s perfect weather for the pool.

In the lane to the left was a guy who would swim about four laps hell for leather then catch his breath. He was very fast. To my right I finally found someone slower than me. The fact she was only training with her arms doesn’t count. I was the plodder. Up down up down without stopping.

I’m not sure if I should keep to the current distance and improve my speed or keep extending my distance. I’m also trying to find opportunities to train in open water, preferably the ocean.

Bought myself a pair of hot pink Speedos. I’m too lazy to take a photo to show. I’m also still hovering between 29kg and 30kg weight lost. A bit frustrating. Been like that for two weeks. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll crack that one.

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