Nothing left in the tank

Yesterday I thought I’d go for a walk. I went at about 5.15am which is nice and cool. I planned on walking the same distance from my first walk. My pace was faster. It felt good. I was hopeful my plantar fasciitis may have resolved itself. I walked 3km.

I decided I’d still go for a swim. My goal was my usual 50 laps. I pretty much came home from my walk, got changed and went straight to the pool. I started out strong. I was also starving as I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I started to tire very quickly. My stroke was very sloppy. My hands were dragging into the water. I hit 30 laps and had to stop.

By yesterday afternoon my heel was sore which pissed me off. You see, I’d set new goals. I want to walk 5km and swim 50 laps. But it looks like I might have to walk every second day so it will be a slow quest.

Last night, my man and I had a date night. I love hanging out with him. We went to Portside, had a feed and saw a movie. We had a great night.

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