An act of love

I have come so far because of love. Love is what turned a switch in my brain. The love my Nana gave me, the time she spent with me. That made me want to be the same kind of Nana.

The love for my children. To be in their lives for a long time. I have a rich, rewarding relationship with my parents and hope to have that with my kids also.

The love for my husband. We have a great marriage and I want it to be a long marriage. I also want to care about my health and appearance because I’m enjoying all the attention and compliments he gives me.

The love for my parents. All parents want there children to have long happy lives. I know my parents worried about me. Well they don’t have to anymore.

The love for myself. I have learned to love myself. To find ways to get my body moving. To enjoy being active and also eat not just healthy meals but delicious meals. I love life more than I ever have. I’m almost joyful permanently. I do still have crap days. You can’t have a rainbow without rain.

Boxing Day I was back at the pool. Did my 50 laps. Yay. Tried out my new Christmas present. Yay. Realised I am hopeless with technology. Shhhhh don’t tell my kids.

Thanks to the family who contributed. I will figure it out. I’m booking in for an online training session today.

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