All that this season brings

Whether you celebrate Christmas for spiritual reasons or enjoy quality family time; may you have a wonderful Christmas. Me, I’m most excited about waking up Christmas Day and watching my kids open their presents. I always wake first and then impatiently wait before waking everyone.

Have four events over the next three days so I’ve been busy preparing festive delights. I got to Pilates this yesterday. It was at a gym and fair dinkum it was like a Pilates masterclass, weights and all. I intended on swimming but food prep was a priority today so couldn’t do it all. Over the next three days I have to find a way to fit in some cardio exercise. I think I’ll turn the aircon on and do some boxing.

My diet will be awesome and completely guilt free. I’ve really put a lot of planning into making yummy and healthy food that will feel like a treat. I haven’t forgotten everyone else either and making treats for them was fun and I didn’t even lick my fingers. I’ll be taking a couple of days off blogging but not my new lifestyle. Hope you all get spoilt x

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