What a day

Yesterday, I joined a gym. I did it because it also gives me free entry into the pool I swim at, making it cheaper. I then get access to all classes both at the pool and the gym. Plus of course using the facilities at the gym. I plan on getting my money’s worth. I will have an assessment in the New Year to start me on a program.

So yesterday I swam my 50 laps. Later in the day I went to the gym. I just wanted to try an exercise bike. I lasted about ten minutes. Not because I was stuffed (I was nearly stuffed) but because the seat hurt my butt. There is another type of exercise bike with a better seat which I’ll try next.

I also did some speed boxing at home because I was bored. Once again it was short bursts of training. Then last night I had a date with my husband at Pilates. Now I don’t intend on doing all this exercise in one day. I will work out a timetable. I was just curious today.

Came home last night and (another first) had a beautiful relaxing bath. Oh and I lost another kilo. 29kg now! Still more to go

The most exciting news is I have paid entry for two ocean swims. They are events up and down the coast and I will be the slowest but I just want to give myself a goal for improving my swimming time and distance. Plus my husband and I are going to do two amazing walks. Registration for them hasn’t opened yet. I AM VERY EXCITED BUT VERY NERVOUS.

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