Why? Oh Why?

I have a pressing 😬 problem. Since embarking on this new lifestyle, I have had ongoing problems with constipation. It really does beggar belief. I have a high fibre diet. I drink a lot of water and I exercise daily. When I ate crap food and did nothing I was as regular as clockwork. I’m so over it.

Another whinge. This week I’ve put on a kilo. The only change is I’ve reintroduced fruit to my diet. Only berries. They have the lowest sugar content. So I’m on a very healthy low carb diet and I’m exercising my butt off. My output is definitely higher than my input. It’s a tough time to not eat fruit. Christmas to me is tropical and stone fruits. I’m going to drop the berries again. Christmas Day I’m going to eat peaches as they’re in the salad I’m making.

se Oreo festive delights for everyone else. They look amazing. I'm glad I'm not even tempted. Although Oreos are actually vegan they are still very high in sugar.

ain today. I was faster and that's with quite an interrupted swim. I was sharing a lane with two other swimmers. One was very fast and one nearly as slow as me. At times I'd wait at the end of the lane to let these swimmers pass. Took the above photo just near where I parked today. I love where I live. We really do take this for granted. 2018 must see our family enjoying the waterfront more.

Bit of an editing glitch happening. I am making these and I swam 50 laps<<

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