Eating out

Trying to lose weight makes it a challenge when eating out. When you can’t eat many things like dairy, sugar, gluten (not celiac just avoiding wheat to help with weight loss) and also carbohydrates then it’s a real challenge.

Today I had lunch with an old mate. We’ve not seen each other for years. I helped him pick out his leather jacket eons ago and he said it’s still going strong just with a few cat’s claws up the arm.

I ordered the Mexican salad. It was huge. It came with corn chips which I didn’t touch. Very yummy. I chose this because it had lean grilled chicken for my protein, no dressing and no cheese. Normally I order a salad and say hold the feta and hold the dressing.

I have struggled at times to find something on the menu I can eat. Thankfully, most restaurants have steak on the menu. I usually have salad with the steak (no dressing, no gravy) because vegetables can be a lottery draw. I love mashed potatoes and if that was plated up to me, I don’t know how strong my willpower would be. That’s butter, carbs and starch.

Being regimented for me is pretty easy. I’m very focused on building and maintaining good gut health. I know eating certain things will make me quite ill. Nothing like pain to motivate you.

Yesterday, I swam 1.25km or 50 laps. In my whole life that is the most I have ever swum. I usually get to 1km and think great what an achievement. Not anymore. My goal is to increase my pace and swim 2km. I always swim the last lap like a shark is chasing me. I must look like a cat in a washing machine.

My parents bought me a new pair of togs. They are very firm so no danger of my boozies falling out.

The world is not ready for a full length togs shot. I know I’m bringing sexy back, it’s just taking a bit.

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