I am such a ditz

There’s been a bit bandied about neuroplasticity lately. That your brain can rewire itself. Find new pathways. Exercise is highly recommended to assist with this. In fact the very trusted source, 😉Wikipedia says:

Consistent aerobic exercise over a period of several months induces marked clinically significant improvements in executive function (i.e., the “cognitive control” of behavior) and increased gray matter volume in multiple brain regions, particularly those that give rise to cognitive control.[47][48][52][53] The brain structures that show the greatest improvements in gray matter volume in response to aerobic exercise are the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus;[

I know I’ve learned a bit about the hippocampus during the course of my mental illness. It’s been proven that sufferers of PTSD have a smaller hippocampus then the average person. Now, whether you are born this way and that is why you suffer PTSD or whether PTSD causes this is still being researched. Anyhow I digress.

Mum has been swimming with me every morning. It’s great. I pick her up, we have a chat then into the pool and down to business. On Wednesday I was waiting outside her place at the allotted time. I waited five minutes wondering where she was. She is never late. Then I remembered, she wasn’t swimming that day. Far out we’d talked about it the day before. She thought it was hilarious when I told her. Haha!

Last night we went out looking at Christmas lights. I just chucked on the clothes I wore to Pilates. We got out at one place that was exceptional. They had their lights timed to music. When I got home I realised my pants were inside out. Yep very noticeable seams and all. Haha!

At least I can laugh about it. Embarrassing the kids is a bonus.

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