Find music that makes your heart sing

Luka Bloom, an Irish singer, is probably my most favourite solo artist. Hush Bernard! I have followed him since the mid nineties. I’ve seen him perform about eight times. I’ve met him a few times. Missing a tour when we lived in Mackay and another a few years after that. He tours Australia every second year in March. He’s due next year but there are no tour announcements yet. He always plays at the Tivoli. My favourite venue ever.

I have too many favourite songs. His music can sink me to the depths of despair or make me soar with the stars. When I swim I like to pick a song to keep me company. Yesterday it was a Luka Bloom song “This is for life” which is actually a love song about a woman who marries her love while he is in prison.

I was singing it for different reasons. I don’t feel at all like the changes in my life are restricting. I guess because it’s been a choice. The changes I have made are permanent. This is for life. I will eat a wholesome diet and keep active and fit. This is for life. And no this does not feel like a prison sentence, rather, a liberation. I can bend over and touch the floor. I can lift my leg higher than my hip. I can do Pilates without wanting to kill my instructor. I can swim a kilometre. I can keep up with my kids. I will keep getting better. This is for life.

Luka and I. He signed the photo from the last time I met him.

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