My brain when I’m swimming

Ugh these goggles hurt

Why did I buy a round towel. They’re useless. Oh that’s right to piss off my daughter

My boobs are going to pop out I need tighter togs

I bet my husband is still sleeping

Is this lap 34?

I wonder how many people pee in this pool

Gee swimming cleans out my sinuses

I wonder how much snot is in this pool

Gags a bit

Ugh these goggles hurt

Why is that old man doing breaststroke lapping me

Must get prescription goggles so I can see

How much are prescription goggles

Do they hurt too

Remember Hugh Grant watching a movie with his prescription snorkeling mask

Laugh snort choke

Laura deep breathes counting laps

Ugh these goggles hurt

Damn I forgot to book a second Pilates session

I hate wrapping presents

Wish they piped music in the water

Wish I had final say on the playlist

What if this is an Olympics final

Maybe I’ll get a medal

I am so deluded

Ugh these goggles hurt

1, 2, 3 breath

Ah 40 laps time to get out

Damn circular towel

Just useless. Don’t buy one.

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