Onwards and upwards

So I’ve lost another kilo. That is 28kg now. I’ve lost a child or 8960 tea bags or 78 masks and snorkels or 9 billion grains of sand or 280 blueberry muffins or 56 kittens. All this incredibly useful data comes from weightandthings.com. Earlier in my journey my husband told me I’d lost 800 roses. He typically found this website.

It’s been four days of swimming. Up and back, counting laps. It’s working. I bettered my time by 7 minutes yesterday. That’s all I want. To get faster. My goal is to swim the whole 40 laps breathing every fourth stroke. At the moment I alternate or do two for one. I really need some stroke correction classes as when I breathe I swallow half the pool. Disgusting!

I’ve had to move a ring from my second smallest finger to my middle finger. I was going to lose it otherwise. I’m feeling more limber. My clothes are looser and I’m ready to pass on all the bigger clothes to my Mum. She will keep some and donate the rest to charity. I don’t want them back.

My son bought fish and chips home today. There’s was heaps left over. I was not tempted. I did enjoy the smell though. My life is so different now. Exercise is not a duty or a chore. It’s something I enjoy. I love feeling the changes in my body. Nutrition is very important to me. I am very mindful of everything I eat and keep learning more. I’m making small gains with my daughter’s nutrition. She is a teenager but she is eating most of what we’re eating. My son on the other hand is still eating complete crap.

This will be a much longer battle. Part of his autism means he can’t tolerate many textures, smells or even colours. It’s called the white food diet. Bread, hot chips, nuggets, chips and a sausage for dinner each night. It’s not a case of he eats what’s put in front of him. He’d choose to starve, plus I believe that’s very inhumane. We have introduced him to sushi and he enjoys that. We’ve all but cut soft drink too. Very baby steps for most but giant leaps for him.

Ok brag alert. My son starts his first part time job today. We did a resume drop a couple of weeks back and he received a call from a local fish and chips shop. Two hours training tonight. This is a massive thing for any teenager. For my son, it gives him a foot in the door for full time employment when he finishes school/study. We have paid for a consultant to assist with his job search and resume and provide some wonderful advice. She has an adult autistic daughter who works. It’s been worth every cent. I’ve always believed in him. Never said he can’t do anything. Never set limits. He is understandably very nervous. Who wouldn’t be starting their first job. Today I’m his cheer squad.

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