A whole new language

Injinji – the best toe socks ever

Plantar fasciitis – a common injury suffered by the overweight and regular exercisers ie me

Camelbak water bottles – I want one of these wrist water bottles but can’t reconcile spending $45ish on a water bottle

Fitbit – a great tool for measuring your activity.

Garmin – the Rolls Royce of tools for measuring your activity and other bells and whistles

BMI – Body Mass Index is a way of telling you whether your obese, overweight or in the normal range. Some would argue this is inaccurate

Pace – like kilometres per hour. How fast you walk/run/cycle/swim in an hour. A Garmin can tell you this but not my wonderful second hand Fitbit

Pilates – hell oh I mean a form of exercise using your own body weight

parkrun – a great way to get out on a Saturday morning to run or in my case walk a 5km circuit. It’s free and I’ve so far done it twice. Bloody heel.

27058 – the number of people who say hello each morning when I’m walking. Don’t they know you don’t talk to strangers

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