Be your own cheer squad

I never break a promise to anyone. I’m a woman of my word except when it comes to myself. I’ll start next week, when it’s not so cold, just one more day and they never end.

I’m so impressed with myself with what I have achieved thus far. I’m pretty confident that I’m now in a routine with both exercise and eating. But this is new for me. I’ve never kept promises I make to myself. That’s pretty bad. Afterall, my happiness and health is like a barometer for my family’s happiness and health. I’ve noticed my daughter is happier and we are closer. My husband is very admiring and vocal of not just my looks but my determination. My son is just always happy.

When I get in the pool I know my goal is 40 laps. Still even now my head will try to bargain with me. “Oh just do 30 nobody will know”. NO MORE. I will know. Pretty soon I will do 50 laps and so on. I really like to better myself.

This is progress. This has come from a lot of support and encouragement but mostly from me say yes I can do this. I will no longer let myself down. So swimming laps I count. I try not to let that voice talk me down. I just count laps.

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