When the going gets tough, the tough go swimming

When you have momentum and it’s a habit to wake at 5am there is nothing worse than hearing your GP tell you in no uncertain terms you must rest your heel for two or three weeks. He practically read me the riot act. If I keep walking I will do more damage and have an even longer recovery. So I’m a bit gutted. Well actually a lot gutted.

I will swim now instead. I like swimming but you are alone with your thoughts and my mind even now can play head games. Walking was great. My friend and I talked such crap and time and distance passed quickly.

Here is a photo of me at my heaviest. It’s a great indicator of the progress I have made. That’s why I want to keep walking – PROGRESS.

Yesterday my daughter asked me who was my inspiration. It was a very hard question. I said many people inspire me. She wanted a name. It took awhile but my first choice was Turia Pitt. Wow that girl has courage and so happy to hear of the birth of her son. I also love Magda Szubanski. I’ve loved her for years. She first made me laugh and then this year as the reluctant face for marriage equality she blew me away. She was dignified and never derogatory of the no voters. She was intelligent and articulated. I’ve read her book and she has had a difficult path to coming out. I really admire Magda. My daughter replied, Mum you know who my inspiration is? You, Mum you’re my inspiration. Wow! I’m so proud of her for noticing the change in me and to find it an inspiration. She then said, Mum you find a way to get through anything.

Yes I do find a way to get through anything and to hear it from my loving but typically critical teenage daughter was just what I needed. I can do this. I’ve faced worse and I’ve come out on top. I’d like to say walk in the park but no walking for me so it’ll be a swim in the park.

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