Frigging heel

My heel is really giving me trouble. My preferred form of exercise is walking. My heel disagrees. I’ve seen my physio a few times, I’ve had it strapped, I wear a support thing as much as possible. I just don’t feel like it’s getting any better.

Wednesday we walked on water haha I mean in water to give my heel a break. Yesterday we walked our usual route, always pushing ourselves to walk an extra block. I said to my walking buddy, pretty soon we’ll circumnavigate Australia by saying just one more block. So, for the rest of Thursday I paid the price. My husband and I did Pilates last night. It hurts, but I kinda like it.

So today it’s back to walking in the wading pool. That’s a tough gig. The water acts as a resistant and your thighs burn and you build up a sweat.

Yesterday afternoon I made zoodles (zucchini noodles) with my new gadget. I then made a bolognaise with chicken mince and a sugar free pasta sauce. We had a late dinner after Pilates.

Clearly, I couldn’t follow the instructions because these don’t look like zoodles. Was still yummy.

I’ll be swimming tomorrow. Just to give my heel a complete break. Taking my Mum to the pool. Certainly be nice in this humid weather.

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