How I’m planning for the festive season

Let’s face it Christmas is a difficult time to be watching what you eat and drink. We’re so busy catching up with family and friends. The weather is simply spectacular and there is Christmas trees and lights and good cheer

I don’t plan on changing much. I’ve already decided I will drink Vodka, lime and soda on two occasions, one of which is Christmas Day. I don’t like to drink much on Christmas Day as it’s about the kids and we play games after lunch.

The only difference in diet will be a little bit more fruit Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’m always looking for different salads and Aldi had the below salad in their catalogue which I’m planning on making for three different occasions.

It’s festive and yummy and completely guilt free. Christmas lunch is at my parent’s and we have a completely cold lunch. There’ll be prawns, ham, potato salad, a mango salad and my salad. I’ve asked Mum to set aside a small portion of the two salads she is making before adding dressing. I’m not sure if there will be dessert there as I’m not eating it anyway.

Planning and deciding what I will eat and drink gives me a good sense of control and helps me with my willpower. My exercise routine won’t change. I will be walking on Christmas Day.

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