Well that was a hard kilo to lose

I’ve now lost just over 26kg. The last kilo was a tough one to lose. Maybe because I ate hot chips and drank alcohol. Ok definitely. Haha.

I’m practicing my healthy life balance a bit early. Jumping on the scales after walking 4.5km motivated me again. Dropping that kilo motivated me.

I’m starting to notice some firsts. Excitement plus!!!! Like a bath sheet going around me completely. Or buying a top in a store I’d never have considered shopping at. I’m feeling excited about how I look. It’s hard to not buy heaps of clothes. I’m trying to make do because I plan on dropping quite a bit more weight.

This is how I’m looking at the moment. Putting recovery ahead of style. My heel is very sore at the moment. My walking buddy took me walking in the wading pool today. That is hard. The water comes up to mid thigh. I managed six laps. It’s a big pool. My thoughts were burning and I was puffing and sweating. Give me a 4km walk anytime. Will be returning and next time I’ll do 8 laps.

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