The concept of a treat

As soon as Christmas puddings hit the shelves in years gone we would buy one every week. The Aldi Christmas pudding is yummo. So that was three or four desserts with custard each week. It was our treat.

That wasn’t the only treat each week though. We’d have takeaway and pizza and shortbread and chips. In fact, these weren’t treats, these were everyday occurrences. Worse still, we were passing these habits on to our kids.

My whole mindset about food has changed. I love everything I eat. I am very mindful of what I eat and I don’t feel as if I need a treat.

Hopefully, our kids will model their adult lives on the more recent version of their parents. We both are exercising, we are conscious of our nutrition and we barely drink alcohol. My husband is a bit more relaxed than me. Im very disciplined. He, though, is close to his goal weight.

My treat is feeling fantastic. In not doubting that I can push my body and know my mind won’t sabotage me. I’m also receiving so much wonderful support from so many people and that helps so much. Thanks guys.

We walked a block further again today. Totally stoked with that. Our starting point is where Fisher’s hotel used to be and today we reached the top of George Clayton Park which is Penfold Parade. Loved these ducks paddling in Wynnum creek.

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