Over the shoulder boulder holder

Yesterday, I went out to Virginia to buy some new bras from a shop specialising in well endowed ladies. My husband drove. He was going to sit in the car and wait but I didn’t bring my wallet. I suggested to him they might have a lurking husband’s area. They did. It had coffee!!

I’ve been wearing my saggy baggy bras for at least eighteen months. They are due to retire. One thing I’m adamant about is that I won’t wear underwire. Same reason I won’t wear high heals. Life is too short to be uncomfortable.

So had my fitting and I have dropped four sizes! But gone up two cup sizes. Yowzer! She did reassure me that my boozies hadn’t got bigger but that’s just how the sizing works. I’m a bit worried they’re going to run out of alphabet. I am also excited to own a strapless bra. Woohoo.

So after I sold a kidney we paid for my new bras. The assistant said these bras are the equivalent of shopping at Tiffany & Co. So my husband has bought me Tiffany bras.

Yesterday my husband put up the Christmas lights. I was very helpful and offered him a beer. 🤣 We ran into one of our neighbours getting home from bra shopping and had a lovely chat. Usually we wave hi in passing. We invited him and his wife over for a glass of red to watch the our lights turn on for the first time.

sat at the top of our driveway with them until 11pm. It was such a beautiful night. I had several vodka, lime and sodas which is such an enormous treat. We ordered in pizza. My request was gluten free vegan pizza and it was so yummy. Once again a glorious treat. It was great getting to know our neighbours. They are well travelled and had amazing stories to share. My husband and the other husband polished off a bottle of red while his wife had a few white wines.

The kids came out intermittently to ask for food and get a hug. My daughter had a friend sleep over and they shot hoops. It was a spur of the moment night that couldn't have been better.

My heel is improving and I'm torn between resting it today and getting back in the saddle tomorrow or walking today. This is an injury that can take a long time to recover from and I need to find a balance of getting fit and getting better. This time next year we will be embarking on four weeks of travel and I can't do that hobbling.

2 thoughts on “Over the shoulder boulder holder

  1. Enjoy the rest for tat ankle do leg lifts and squats and arm exercises while you wait and Laura vodka has heaps of sugar be ware it is deliciously evil

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    1. Vodka lime and soda is actually 64 calories per standard drink and has 0gm of sugar. Definitely delicious but not too evil. 💙


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