A slow burn

My man and I did a beginners Pilates class last night. We took a mat class. And it was fifty minutes of slow burn. Pilates is basically your muscles working to lift against gravity.

It was very hard. You have to keep yourself aligned. You have to clench your lower abdomen. You have to breathe in through your nose as you lift and exhale through your mouth as you slowly lower. Now, I’m just mastering walking, so I felt like a big goofy klutz.

I did the clam. I did the rectangle. I did the Pilates version of sit ups and push ups. Most things I could do for the expected duration. Some I paused and continued or simply stopped a bit early. My body using gravity as resistance is a big ask.

I expected to be very sore today and apart from a little bit of an ache in my abdomen I’m up and ready to walk. We both enjoyed the class. It was a great challenge and we both can now work to improve our core strength. I loved hanging with my man in a very different environment.

We’re going back next week! Yay!

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