Thunderbolts and lightning

It’s pissing down here yesterday in our little piece of paradise. I was determined to swim nonetheless. I packed my bag and said to my husband I’m going swimming. He looked up almost in horror and said “in this?” Um hello! I’m diving into a big rectangle of wet so I don’t think it matters. I’ve said all along there will be no obstacles. Sore heel. Can’t walk. Then swim.

So I get to the pool and there is that much water on the road and path; I achieved a cardio workout walking to the pool. Don’t know why I bothered with the brolly. There was one other person in the pool. You ripper I thought a lane to myself.

Kaboom! There was a loud clap of thunder. I looked at the staff and they said they’d keep an eye on the weather. Awesome! I’d love to say I dived in but no I walked down the ramp. The water was beautiful. Claimed my lane and swam thirty laps which is 750m. I heard more thunder, I felt big fat raindrops on my back and I loved it.

I don’t know why I bothered drying off as walking back to my car soaked me.

Yeaterday I had my first slip with my diet. It’s rainy and I was wet from swimming and also starving. I ate hot chips😵 I ate gluten 😵 and now I feel awful. Consequences for eating crap food. Well back on the bus. Just a slip up. One thing I promised myself is complete honesty in this journey. I have values and principles that I stand by. I know my husband is going to sledge me big time haha. I deserve it.

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