Too much information????

Disclaimer: I promised myself I would document everything I did in my quest for weight loss and fitness. Afterall this could well be the climax of a lifelong inappropriate eating crusade. Maybe the best and biggest thing I’ve done for myself. So, below is a bit personal, but a necessary step.

Yesterday, after 13 years, I had my mirena taken out. There’s always been some controversy about the mirena. Some women have lots of problems. I personally had a dream run. No period since my 13 year old daughter was conceived. The one constant thing most women in group threads said was they put on weight.

Not just a few women, but hundreds. So I decided that at 48, I would take one for the team and have it removed. If, and I can’t say conclusively, but if it has contributed to my ongoing weight gain then it has now been vanquished.

I’m looking forward to tracking my weight loss to see what happens. I’m the kind of person who will leave no stone unturned. So prepared to do everything I can to achieve my goal.

I’ve had lots of practice. Having an autistic child has taught me resourcefulness and to be dogged in chasing opportunities for my son. I’ve always made choices with the best interests of my family in mind. Oh, apart from stuffing my face. We sold our house to fund our son’s early intervention. This put us back on the vicious renting cycle. My husband and I agreed that we would be a one income family until our son was independent. Now to protect his privacy I won’t disclose where he is with his goal of independence. He has two very involved parents so he will get there.

This was never meant to be a poor me post. My husband and I made every decision with our eyes open. We knew that money would be tight. That we needed to live on a budget. But the rewards have far outweighed the struggles.

One of my favourite quotes is “ask not for a lighter load, but for a stronger back”. We are a happy and strong family and life will turn out well for all of us.

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