Fixed with gold

The Japanese practice of kintsugi is a method of restoring a broken piece with a lacquer that is mixed with gold, silver or platinum. This is interwoven with the philosophy of wabi-sabi, which means “to find beauty in broken or old things”. Source: Sophia Smith,

For many years I was mentally cracked. I clawed my way back. But I didn’t do it alone. If not for the love, support and acceptance of my family and friends it would have been a much harder and longer journey.

I believe this journey has made me stronger and through this new resilience I have been able to devote myself to a new healthy lifestyle. For the past six years slowly and steadily with professional help also, I have found the strength to come back from hell. That journey prepared me for this, my new journey.

And I just want to say that I am still cracked but those cracks flow with the gold lovingly crafted by the one rock in my life, my husband. He has been devoted and patient. Putting my needs first and supporting me with unconditional love. He gave me time to recover and now gives me time to get fit. Alongside my children, he is the best thing in my life. To my Wazza, I will always choose you. Infinity + 1

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