Facing challenges

So I’ve spent this weekend down the coast. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone makes it easy to be challenged. Yesterday we got in the elevator with a pizza delivery guy. We’re staying on the 31st floor and he got out on the 29th floor. I wanted to throw him on the ground and stuff my face. That smell in an elevator was intense.

Yesterday after parkrun we took the kids standup paddle boarding. It was lovely and I was tempted but my heel was very swollen and I was still strapped so couldn’t go on the sand. When we got home, my husband, daughter and I walked to the nearest light rail stop and went into Surfer Paradise so I could sit and watch them scoff down Cold Rock ice cream. Then caught light rail back to Southport.

We ate dinner on our balcony on the first night. It was beautiful watching the sun go down watching my husband have a beer and thinking OMG where’s the wine.

I have not up to this weekend struggled. But I was in a different environment and found it tough. I did not waiver! I do have bragging rights. I walked the most steps ever in a day yesterday.

Now I know if I am away from home I must be prepared to face challenges I can avoid at home. And a shot of my kids doing SUP.

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