What I eat

Okay first of all I must say I am not a dietitian. I have no qualifications in this area. I just eat good food. I have also had to cut many things from my diet which makes it easier too.

So, when I get home from walking, I have two grilled (not fried) eggs with one small lean rasher of bacon. All that protein fills me up and I am not hungry until lunch.

A typical lunch for me is diced cucumber, a handful of cherry tomatoes and a tin of salmon. I buy dolphin friendly salmon too. This is so yummy.

Dinner is usually chicken, stir fry vegies and quinoa. It used to be rice but I have had to cut grains from my diet. Quinoa is yummy and I’m going to make a beautiful quinoa salad for Christmas Day. About once a week we have a small palm sized piece of lean steak. If my husband eats something I won’t eat I keep tinned vegie soup in the cupboard for an easy meal.

Around 3pm I get very hungry. That is when I usually eat my handful foods. A handful of berries, grapes or a small apple. Maybe some brown rice crackers. However for six weeks I have to cut fruit also from my diet so I made protein balls. I find one or two sufficient.

Made these myself. I threw together coconut flour, amaranth, chia, cacao, stevia, almond & chia paste and tahini. Rolled them together in coconut. They are tasty. When I eat fruit again I will swap stevia for dates.

I only drink water. I don’t have caffeine which is something I quit about six months ago. I’m avoiding alcohol but only for another four weeks. Just trying to get my gut healthy. I also changed what I drink too. Vodka, lime and soda has the lowest amount of calories at just 64 calories per standard drink. It is very refreshing too.

These changes have taken place over months. It would be very hard to do this overnight. I love what I eat and don’t feel deprived. I am also eating to lose weight. Some friends I know exercise because they love food. Whatever works.

Due to ongoing heel issues I am not walking today. I was going to swim but I have to get my son to school for his last day of year 10. I have to go to my physio to get my ankle strapped to prepare for parkrun tomorrow. I have to pack for two nights down the coast including all our food. I try very hard to fit my exercise around my life but today it just won’t work.

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