Existing not living

I’ve come to the realisation that for many years I was just going through the motions. Yes I’d turn up but I wouldn’t participate. I was only a voyeur of life.

The more I move the better I feel and the more I want to move. I randomly break out in song and dance, usually to a cheesy Grease 2 song. It’s almost like my life has become one almighty musical and yes with a very cheesy score.

I live in the now with a mindfulness I never was able to harness when I tried daily to do it. I also plan for the future in ways I never dreamed. All these exciting things I want to conquer. Get fitter, do Bridge to Brisbane and other similar challenges.

I saviour every mouthful of food. It’s delicious and completely guilt free. I appreciate and notice little things. Maybe a flower or a darling little child.

My mood is amazing and I find remarkably my anxiety has decreased. I’m grateful for everyday. OMG and laugh; I laugh all the time and it’s fantastic.

And everyday I thank my beautiful gracious Nana for inspiring me.

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