You have to put yourself first

We all have demands. Work, family, study and so on. I’m fortunate to not have a job. I can’t work until I can see my autistic son has a job or is studying and can independently amuse himself during school holidays. We are not there yet.

The dynamics of our family life have shifted in the past five weeks. I’m more focused on my wellbeing. I’ve spent money on myself which I rarely do. I want to talk to my husband about his similar journey. And a big congratulations to him for reaching his healthy BMI. I’m coming for you.

I’ve kidnapped my son’s boxing gear. He’s not impressed. I don’t know why because he doesn’t use it.

I have to ice my heel several times a day. This means I’m off my feet and not readily available for my kids. Ho hum.

We don’t buy takeaway anymore much to my kid’s disgust. No more slurpees from 7/11. No more treats when I fill up the car. There is good wholesome food in the house.

My Mum has lent me clothes in smaller sizes which is great. But there will come a time when I will need a whole new wardrobe. I’m looking forward to having matching underwear. My beautiful Nan always wore matching underwear, so I’m going to take up the baton and carry on the tradition.

Rest day today under strict orders from my physio. I’m allowed to box though. The goal is to walk Thursday and Friday and then parkrun Saturday. Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “You have to put yourself first

  1. Laura, maybe on your rest day today you could do a vision board to put somewhere in the house where you are always going to see it. Just in case you get a bit lost in why you are doing all of this??
    I am so impressed and inspired by you. I need to shift a ton of weight to ease the pain in my back. How do you motivate yourself to get out if it is raining??

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    1. Hey Anna funny you should ask that. The first day I walked there was light rain and I knew I had to do it. Yesterday was spitting and looking like rain. I would definitely would in the rain and learned a trick from my friend to put your phone in a ziplock bag. I find now if I don’t walk I get a bit cranky. I just got on the scales and I’ve dropped another kilo woohoo. Did you want me to visit on the weekend as I’d love to see you x


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