Slow and steady

I’ll tell you a secret. Shhhhhh don’t tell. Yesterday and today my friend and I have walked. Not fast and not far. More a gentle amble. Why? Because I miss it. It makes me feel good. All weekend I was cranky and I knew I needed to walk.

It’s still so funny for me to say I miss walking. This is my life now. On the weekend as well as swimming, I asked my husband to drag my son’s boxing stuff into the lounge. I’m having fun punching the shit out of it.

I even have the soundtrack in my head sorted. “It’s the eye of the tiger da da da da” only know one line. I do like swimming and I want to try Pilates but with Christmas and a new school year to finance I am trying to stick with free exercise.

I lost another kilo woohoo 🙌. I’m enjoying my food which is the healthiest I’ve ever eaten. My daughter loves quinoa – big yay. And hoping my physio gives me the green light to walk when I see her today.

And how’s this for a daily view.

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