A good tuneup

If you don’t regularly service your car. There will be problems. My car is over ten years old and even with regular tuneups I’ve had issues. The alternator, the head gasket, an oil leak – you get my drift.

I am learning that my exercise journey means trips to a podiatrist. I’m seeing a physio for my heel issues. I’ve got the name of a Nutritionist to call. I eat well but I want to hear from an expert.

Mind you there are experts and then there’s con artists. A local health food store tried to sell me protein shakes because that’s what weight lifters use. Big whoop! I don’t want to lift weights.

I want a sensible, easy to sustain lifestyle that will get and keep me healthy. Sometimes I will need a tuneup a long the way. When you decide you might like to see a specialist, get recommendations or see your GP for a referral.

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