Healthy eating means $$$$

Our weekly grocery budget is blown every week now. Sunday’s used to be pizza night and we could get two frozen pizzas for $6!!!! Now to feed our family of four a healthy meal is much more. A typical Sunday night now would be chicken stir fry and the chicken alone is more than $6.

That’s just one night. Every night we have replaced crap refined food with fresh healthy alternatives. Then there’s breakfast, lunch and snacks. This week Aldi had continental cucumbers for $1 each so we bought three.

I also take supplements which are primarily for helping my gut health. These are expensive. But possibly not necessary for most people.

Week one I bought active wear. Thankfully Kmart has a good quality range for not much money. Yes I love Running Bare but I’m not paying that much money for clothes that soon will be too big for me.

I bought some good shoes for walking which I consider an investment. I need to get some more injinji toe socks. I need to get better bras. I want a water proof watch like a Garmin or Apple Watch. The needs will come first.

My clothes are loose which is awesome. My Mum can lend me clothes as I lose weight, which is also awesome.

We are also not buying takeaway. We rarely drink anymore. We no longer buy a carton of Diet Coke every week. So swings and roundabouts.

This is me last night. I still have a long way to go but this is progress. I feel so good and confident. My husband compliments me more than ever. Despite my injury I was up dancing like my teenage daughter and not getting out of breath. Oh and I walked up a huge flight of stairs and did not puff and pant. Wheeeeeeee!!!

5 thoughts on “Healthy eating means $$$$

  1. You look amazing Laura, I hope you can see just how much your body is changing. with stir fries to reduce the cost, I use the cheap 2 minute noodles (8pks for I think it was $2 in Aldi) and I will either get the frozen stir fry veggies, or the packets of stir fry mix which are usually about $3.
    I could make it cheaper by not getting the pre sliced meat (but I hate the feeling of meat in my hands) and I always look for the sauces when they are on sale. Love ya babe, thanks for helping me by sharing your journey.

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