These boots were made for walking

I think I have plantar fasciitis. I’ve got pretty bad pain in my heel. I asked my walking buddy and she said it could be this. So of course I googled it. Dr Google recommends six weeks rest. WTF!!!!! That’s completely not acceptable.

My physiotherapist said she can treat me and I have a lot of faith in her. So I’ll be seeing her today. I’m devastated as I am so determined to keep walking and I really want to do parkrun every week.

Today I am going to swim. There is exercise alternatives. I like swimming but I am very slow. I will go after all the serious triathletes have left the pool.

I also have just found out that I definitely don’t have blastocystis hominis but I do have candida albacans in my intestinal tract. This is apparently difficult to get rid of. I have to cut all grains and fruit from my diet. Hopefully only for six weeks. The symptoms are similar to blasto and I most likely had it at the same time.

I am dogged and determined. I will get my gut healthy and I will find ways to be active no matter what I have.

I tried on a dress three sizes down from my original size. It was a bit snug but I looked in the mirror and I liked what I saw. It’s Mum’s dress and pretty soon I’ll be borrowing said dress.

Trying not to be grumpy about my heel. My gut issue while uncomfortable I can still walk with. I’ll just keep swimming as Dory would say.

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