Measuring Success

I was going to blog about how angry I am with myself today. I am angry with the old Laura because Laura V1.0 has got some hard work ahead of her. But who needs gloom and doom today.

Instead, I’m counting what has changed for the better.

  • Today my undies fell down while I was walking
  • I have lost 21kg from my heaviest weight. 17kg from my starting weight this year
  • My friend gave me her old Fitbit- YAY
  • My bras are too big.
  • Third day of walking with more inclines and I’m still alive
  • I feel fantastic
  • My head is finally on board with my body and realises yes we can do this
  • Some of my clothes are too big
  • I love that my husband and I are doing this together. Still trying to convince him to do parkrun with me.
  • I am extending my life span
  • I discovered that if you eat a slice of cucumber then a strawberry; that strawberry is the most sweet delightful thing you will ever eat

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