My ups and downs

I am using an app to track my movement, my weight and my BMI. I weigh myself daily for the stats. I put on a kilo! What the eff? I was a bit despondent. Come on, week two and I’m yoyoing. But, I weighed myself Sunday and lost two kilos. Yay!

My husband said this happens to him. Side note: he has been walking for about three months so very very experienced. 😉 Fluid, hormones blah blah blah.

I have learned clothes weigh approximately 400 grams. Emptying your bowel can take off another several hundred grams. So weigh yourself in your naked glory. Hell I’ll strip off my wedding ring if it will help. Take all the encouragement you can get.

This is a journey that will see you meander off track. You might eat inappropriately, don’t beat yourself up. Get back on track and keep going. I ate what I thought was a healthy burger from a new local gourmet burger place on Friday night. When ordering it I stripped it of cheese an aioli and loaded it with salad. I declined fries. It went straight through me. Lesson learned.

If you want a guilty treat now and again try dairy free cheese. I highly recommend you avoid soy cheese because it’s nasty. I buy a coconut based cheese. It is very small and costs $7.50. But I get three grilled cheese toasties from this. It is yummy. However, this is not an everyday menu choice. This is a now and again choice. Afterall, we are not robots. You can enjoy healthy yummy food everyday and now and again have that grilled cheese toastie.

There will be ups and downs. Some days will be harder. But don’t stop. If you can’t jump over an obstacle, find a way around. Your mind will try to sabotage you. Don’t let it. You will crave things. Don’t let yourself get ravenously hungry. I find that leads to larger meal portions. So, I keep blueberries and brown rice crackers in the house. These are my handful snacks. If I’m hungry I have a handful. I have also discovered Woolworths sells date rolls in their produce section. Just diced dates rolled in chopped pistachios. There is more sugar in dates but they are small and two date rolls is a now and then handful food.

As you meander your own path, you will find healthy cheats. Share them please.

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