No excuses

For the past few days I have been feeling crap. I’ve had an awful headache and minor nausea. I had tummy pain too. I was worried that the blastocystis hominis had returned. I was still exercising. Although I did have a rest day yesterday with the intention of swimming. I didn’t! It was very cold and my Mum had just returned from a trip and the kids and I wanted to see her. Plus I felt like crap. Hmmm sounds like excuses huh? It was a rest day!

I was going through a checklist in my head of other possibilities. For example this week I had stopped drinking Diet Coke. My last bad habit to go. Maybe I had a headache from that. So I bought one 600ml bottle and drank it. Nope, didn’t help.

I also have been weaning off quite an addictive medication and I googled withdrawal symptoms. Bingo! I was suffering withdrawal and would for about two weeks. I did do the weaning process pretty quickly so I decided to take one tablet last night. Woke up today feeling so much better. I’ll have to start weaning again but more slowly and hopefully more kindly to my body.

I know I could have got through the next two weeks but I was worried it would interfere with my new healthy habit called exercise.

You see I set a goal. Today I am doing my first parkrun. Mentally I’m prepared but the idea of turning up and walking with a lot of mostly experienced runners makes me self conscious. And I have an expectation of finishing. I don’t want to fail, but, the real failure would be not turning up. You know that saying ‘fall down seven times, get up eight’.

I’ve picked a very busy day to do my first parkrun. I’m going to a Remembrance Day Service with my Mum and Sister. This has always been a very meaningful day for us and this year will be hard. Particularly for Mum, as it is her first service she has attended without her Mum. Our beautiful Nana. I’m going to be emotional.

I had to delegate one of my commitments to my husband to take our son to an appointment. Because apparently I can’t be in two places at once. Then there is netball sign on for my daughter while said daughter lunches and shops with her bestie.

Anyway back to parkrun. I will do the unprecedented and blog twice today to document my result. Go me!

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