Pushing my limits

I never thought I would entertain the thought of seeing how far I can push my body. Right now it is early days and I am still trying to extend my walking distance. But I am thinking about what I can start training for.

I have very big boobs. This is such an impediment when it comes to any kind of jumping, running etc. I’m hoping as I lose weight this will improve. My kids love Bounce, a huge trampolining complex. It also has a Parkour circuit. Adults do these things. Fit, healthy adults. I definitely could bounce right now but would need to wear three bras and four tight crop tops to hold the girls steady. But I am considering it. All action started with an idea.

I have never ever considered testing my body. Pushing it and seeing what it can do. Now I’m wanting to make demands of my body and test it like it has never been tested before. I’m not talking marathons but I do want to broaden my choices. I’m going to do Aquatic Zumba once a week. I’m going to bring swimming into the mix. But I will keep walking as I am loving it. I love the company of my friend. I love how she subtly pushes me and everyday we walk a little further.

You know that Super ad “from little things, big things grow”? Well I’m the opposite. “From big things, little things emerge”. I do want to stress that all along my priority has been to get healthy. To reach my healthy BMI range. To extend my life and avoid chronic illnesses obesity brings. Looking good is a side benefit. Feeling fantastic has been an outstanding and glorious surprise.

Anyone can do this. Be prepared for a little pain. You will be fiercely hungry so keep lots of healthy food in the house. Drink lots of water. You will start to sleep better. You will find yourself singing and dancing in the car. Your kids will be embarrassed. Boo to them. I had to remind my two that this is the happiest they have ever seen me, they should be proud. Anyhow, teenagers are self centred turds on legs. So don’t let them be an obstacle.

Each day this week we have extended our walk by a block. Never adding to the time spent in walking. That’s three blocks in three days! Without walking adding to our timeframe. Today when my friend turned to head back to the car I did not realise we had done it again.

I’m in unprecedented territory now. I still love it. I am as determined as the day I began.

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