If there was a God she invented Injinji Toe Socks

My walking buddy bought me these socks.

Today I walked in comfort. I had tried blister pads, Scholl gel tubes and padded strapping tape. I hated them. They either cut off my circulation or just simply fell off when sweaty. Checked out their website and they have some very cool designs. Might get a couple more pairs.

Walking was fantastic today. It was pretty steamy but somehow I didn’t mind the sweat. Even my glasses fogged up. Everyday we are walking a little bit further in the same timeframe.

My walking buddy is a gem. She pushes me but thinks I don’t notice. She won’t cop me whining. I ask her so many questions about fitness and eating that it’s like the Spanish Inquisition. I really am very grateful for her wealth of experience and knowledge. My buddy is very encouraging and supportive.

I still have a long way to go. I have a lot of hard work ahead. Thankfully I’m enjoying this whole journey. Losing weight isn’t rocket science. Expend more energy then you put in your mouth. If only it was that easy. You also have this thing called a brain that plays mind games with you. Don’t do deals with it. Every single thing I eat is a considered action because I am working my butt off and everyday I see thin fit women running past me working their butt off. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that, but here’s the thing, I’m not ruling it out.

So thanks friend for the socks, the tough love and the wonderful support.

5 thoughts on “If there was a God she invented Injinji Toe Socks

  1. Love you – and here I was thinking you didn’t notice I’d been upping the pace! You’re doing me a world of good to – these early walks have been just what I needed x

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  2. Love the toe socks, and I am so pleased that you have found a solution to your bleeding toe situation. I am so amazed at your determination and drive to keep going. This is something that I need to do as soon as my chest is clear and I can breathe again.

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