The Old Me

I never ever thought of the consequences of my diet. I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. I didn’t care about portion sizes. I didn’t care about my increasing weight. I lived for fast food and actually felt deprived if I didn’t eat it regularly.

Now I care! I think about everything I put in my mouth. I’m interested in how this will help my body. Gut health has become very important to me.

I now treat myself rather than mindlessly shoving food down my throat. But, my treats are things like an Açaí Bowl or brown rice crackers with hummus. Maybe some blueberries or sweet potato cooked in our air fryer.

I get a deep satisfaction from not just eating this way but enjoying it too. I have not felt deprived. I do get a bit embarrassed eating out as I ask a lot of questions about the menu. But this is important to me and I will always be vigilant.

I’m very happy and I am not just adding years to my life; I am adding life to my years.

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