Why blog?

I blog about my journey for me. In my mind, it helps me be accountable. I know I will have days when the only reason I walk is because I have made a public declaration. So it’s a little bit of a mind game for me.

I am feeling better every day and although I have a long way to go I have seen changes. I have felt changes. I’m already weaning off some medication which is awesome.

My husband started walking before me. He walks at night. He is getting close to his goal. Ok swearing alert. The other day I rang my husband at work and said “I’m worried about the world”. He was confused. “Why” he said. “How will it cope when we’re sexy motherfuckers?” 😂

The below photo just shows how my life has changed. I’ve traded my seat belt extension for an armband for my phone.

I feel very excited about continuing this trade. Replacing bad habits with healthy ones. My kids are inspired and I hope they will join in. But they’re teenagers so me nagging won’t motivate them.

2 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. yay!! what an achievement. Don’t feel you have to justify why you are blogging, you do because you can…and it is therapeutic.
    I am toying with the idea of starting a blog but not too sure at the moment.
    Re: your feet…have you tried the socks with toes in, or do you need to get some breathable walking shoes, or the shoes that have toes?????
    keep on going on 🙂

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    1. Yep I’m not stopping. Thinking of trying those socks you suggested. At the moment just soldiering on hoping my feet will toughen up. I really can’t believe the improvement in my mental outlook. I told my psychiatrist about it and he was completely in agreement on the value of exercise. But I said to him it was only something I could begin nobody else could persuade me xxx


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