Removing Obstacles

Week two and I feel much better. Walking a little further each day.

I saw a Podiatrist yesterday as I am having trouble with my feet. She trimmed my nails and basically gave me an expensive pedicure without the girlie stuff. I was very hopeful this was the ticket. I would walk today and feel improvement.

Sadly, that didn’t happen. In fact, I think it was worse. I have weird toes that curl and my toenails are cutting me. Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt while I’m walking. I’m more concerned about infection as this would stop me from walking.

I’m posting a photo and be warned it is graphic, but this is what I’m dealing with every day. I’m very motivated to find a solution so advice please.

4 thoughts on “Removing Obstacles

  1. Hey Laura. New day today. It’s ok to take a break when things happen & seek help. I am very encouraged by your determination👍 That’s great you have had your feet done however you are right about infection. Is there anyway you can cover your toenails as to stop them from cutting into you? Maybe thicker sock? Use bandaids? Have they been filed down as to stop the sharpness. Are your shoes ok on your feet not to right or uncomfortable? Maybe tape your toes together to support.What did the podiatrist suggest? A trip to the dr maybe helpful too. Praying for a solution for your problem so you can continue on your journey👍

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  2. Laura, have you been to your GP to be checked for diabetes….don’t mean to scare you, but diabetics can have all sorts of issues with their feet.
    Are they blisters under there that have popped? I can give you expert advice on how to dress blisters
    Sending you love and my feet so you can walk xxxxx (sorry shitty SOH is a coping mechanism)

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    1. I’ve had umpteen blood tests this year and thankfully no diabetes. Ive been wearing blister pads which have been effective but they have all burst now and not troubling me. I have put my week old shoes in the washing machine as they look like a prop from The Walking Dead lol xxx


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