The Unconventional Life


I have a somewhat unconventional family. Sometimes things happen that require patience, flexibility and creativity. Last night we had two storms. The second struck about 3am and was loud and dramatic.

So, you may ask? Personally I love storms but I have an autistic son with a severe storm phobia. In the interest of honouring his privacy I won’t go into details but I was needed this morning because I’m a Mum and that’s what you do.

Brisbane at this time of year is very balmy and humid. Walking early works best for me. But, here is where I am going to be creative – I am going to put on my active wear, drop the kids at school and get in my steps at Westfield.

It’s only been a week and I am not going to start finding reasons not to walk. I have made a commitment to my family but more importantly I have made a commitment to myself. Tearing up a bit here but I have three wonderful reasons to not start finding excuses.

2 thoughts on “The Unconventional Life

  1. you can do it! we both have challenges today, if I can drive my “lovely, wonderful, fully functional car” all the way to the middle of Brisbane…you can do your walk in westfield. We both have 2 imaginary pom-pom cheerleaders following you on your walk, and I have 2 in the backseat of my car xxxx
    Let me know how you go, i’ll let you know how I go xxx

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