My life as a Mum and Wife has been of a mostly sedentary nature. Why should I get off my butt to get a glass of water? That’s what I had kids for. Yet, I was still always tired and had a nap nearly every day.

Now my fatigue has been honestly earned. It feels different too. At night I am sleeping less but better.

After walking today, which was the culmination of my first six days, there was nothing left in the pot. I arrived home about 5.40am, had a shower, semi dried and fell blissfully into bed – starkers.

My daughter woke me and was so surprised to find me in my birthday suit. It’s not that she hasn’t seen me naked as she often talks to me while I shower. I simply could not summon the energy to dress.

Sunday is rest day. I’m an early riser regardless so I’ll still get up at 4am. But, I will delight in some well earned couch time.

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