Say what?

For the past twelve months I’ve been possessed. Lurking in my gut was this nasty parasite called blastocystis hominis. Some people live with this with no symptoms. I was not one of them!

I was incredibly unwell. Mostly gut related symptoms but also a lot of pain and terrible fatigue. I had no quality of life and was barely existing.

Pain is an amazing motivator to make changes in your life. I researched and joined a support group. Yes I heard lots of suggestions but I just picked what made sense. I’d try something and sometimes it didn’t work but I finally found a good fit for me.

Very good probiotics was step one. I changed my diet and cut caffeine, sugar, alcohol and dairy. Now I’m no Belle Gibson and to be completely honest, a couple of times I did have a few drinks. But I chose Vodka, lime and soda as there is no sugar in this. Plus it is so very refreshing. My love affair with Sav Blanc came to a grinding halt about six months ago.

I lost 10kg and another 2kg this week. Woohoo 🙌. I also went on a long course of antibiotics. My GP was clueless and I basically told him which one to prescribe me.

Yesterday I nearly made it to 10000 steps. I’m so happy with that. I have been sore. I got blisters. I broke in a new pair of shoes and day one walked in the rain.

Taking my Dad out tomorrow at sparrow’s fart. Oh and check out my cracker view this morning.

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