It took a death to save me

Over the years I’ve gradually gained weight. I was an emotional eater. I had got to the stage where I accepted that I would not make old bones and oh well, what can I do. (Yes I know, very sad)

This year I have had crappy health and was suffering. This motivated me to look at my diet and change everything. Well tar and feather me I lost 10kg! I dropped a dress size! Holy crap!

Three weeks ago my Nana died. At her funeral, looking at her wonderful life in pictures, I was reminded what an active grandparent she was. I WOKE UP! I wanted to live longer for my children and be involved in my grandchildren’s lives.

Today is day four of introducing activity into my life. Goal 1. Get up to 10000 steps a day. I’m getting up at 5am and walking with a friend. She is a dear friend and makes me laugh. She also motivates me. We live close to the ocean so the outlook is magnificent.

Now, this has been hard. My body aches. I popped a blister but kept walking and got home to a bloody sock.

I can’t keep my eyes open past 8pm. And I can tell you now that ‘early to bed, early to rise’ does not make you healthy wealthy and wise.

This is our usual starting point. On Monday it was storming and raining but we went. I was surprised at how few were out and about. The next morning it was fine and everyone was out. I was very proud that even the seasoned warrior wasn’t out on my first day.

This is my adventure. I’m really excited the one day I always talked about or maybe never would do, is now my present.

16 thoughts on “It took a death to save me

  1. Wonderful sweetheart what a beautiful place to walk ,I have been walking for 32 yrs with my best friend did not start exercising or Zumba till my 60s somedays it’s hard but the health and emotional benefits are worth it I am still overweight but have realised that I am where my body has to be and I am ok with it xxxxxxxx

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  2. You go girl. You are an inspiration and I love that you have found your motivation. As for me, still awaiting the inspiration. Wishing you the very best of luck and determination. Proud of you xx

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  3. Laura what courage you have and strong will! Good on you. I know you will succeed because you have the right motivation – you love those two beautiful children like nothing else… so proud of you. ❤️

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