Closest car park ever

I used to leave home early to get to Westfield so I could park right beside the escalator. Another trick was I would just drive around until I could park close to my destination. The best one – if my husband was driving I would get him to drop me at the door and park the car. Of course he then had to fetch said car and pick me up.

Now I am looking for opportunities to build up my daily steps, this all ends. Went to Bunnings yesterday and there were heaps of close parks. I think I confused my kids by parking nowhere near the entrance.

My doctor told me I was headed for some serious chronic diseases and that my body was going to start falling apart. If you’ve ever seen the movie Wall-E you will be familiar with how sedentary our lives become.

I was ready to accept this. In fact, I had accepted this. So terribly sad.

I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my steps. What do you guys do?

2 thoughts on “Closest car park ever

  1. Laura, you have a really great writing style. I need to increase my activity if I stand to have any hope to have my back operated on. I have my fitbit, and….um…..I have an intention to move. I am going to start walking to my friends house, she lives about a 5 minute walk from me and I felt like I was going to drop dead by the time I got to her front door so now (starting next week) I will be walking to and from my friends house until it is an easy walk.

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    1. Thanks Anna. 💙 what I find really surprising is that even after five days of exercise my mental outlook has improved and I feel more like the old me pre depression


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